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A bit about me...

Traci Foxx

I started piano at 5 and was classically trained for 8 yrs. At 16 yrs old I heard Eruption and knew that’s what I wanted to do… by the time I was 20 I was featured in Guitar Player magazine under Mike Varneys “Spotlight” column, and a few months later placed 2nd in a nationwide guitar contest held by Kramer guitars… I've been endorsed for over 20 years by ADA amplifications, Morley Pedals, SIT Strings, Ovation guitars, Mesa Boogie and Splawn amps, Robin and Gretsch guitars… I was featured in publications such as Guitar Player, Guitar World, Guitar for Practicing Musician and numerous Eropean publications…I'm an avid guitarist that LOVES collecting guitars, my current collection is around 70… my main choice of guitars in Backstage Pass are USA Jackson soloists…I look forward to seeing you all out on the road in a town near you!!! Much love and appreciation for your support…..Traci

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